Bath Time (2nd Edit)

Bath Time (2nd edit)

Recorded and produced July 12th-23rd, 2020 in Melbourne

Bath Time (2nd Edit) was produced for the AMPLIFY2020: quarantine online festival
The work is a four-part composition that considers my daughter’s and my own nightly/weekly bathing routines through the composed and shifting acoustic perspectives of the open air space above our bathtub, the inside chamber of a large vase situated in the corner of our bathroom, and the material vibrations of our ceramic bathroom wall, acrylic bathtub shell and the water contained water within.


Dusted Magazine
Martin Kay’s four-part “Bath Time” delves in to that personal, interior realm, composed from recordings made in and around his bathroom during the routine that developed with his daughter’s nightly bath. The use of shifting focus, natural resonances of the room, the tub and underwater recordings transform the private, domestic activity into an increasingly abstracted aural study.