I am a sound recordist who primarily utilises unmixed and unedited environmental sound recordings to create audio montages and compositions that explore the intersection of architecture, psychoacoustics, social dynamics and place. Through employing a technologically limited (recording focused) work methodology, I am driven to find inventive recording techniques that render creative and considered perspectives of place, as well as inspire fresh and idiosyncratic compositional approaches pertinent to the sites, situations and events that I engage with.

My works have been published through: 3LEAVES, and/OAR, AVANTWHATEVER, BCSC, Earwitness, Herbal, MOOZAK. Radia.fm 



current PhD candidate (Sound-Art), RMIT University.
2010 Honours,  Fine Arts (Sound-Art), RMIT University.
2008 BFA, Fine Arts (Sound-Art), RMIT University.

2013: Workshops & Research with Eric La Casa, Paris France.
2012: Research with Toshiya Tsunoda, Kanagawa & Tokyo Japan.
2010: Master class with Chris Watson @ The Wired LAB, Cootamundra, NSW.



2021 [Conditioning Silence: a sound recording for the living and the dead] Radia.fm
2016 [Stadium] AVANTWHATEVER (Australia).
2016 [COURTYARDS] Herbal (Malaysia).
2014 [All Things Metal] 3LEAVES (Hungary).
2011 [Closing In] MOOZAK  (Austria).

2016 [Descend]  BCSC, Sonic interventions B-CSC02 (Australia).
2016 [The Great Southern Stand] Earwitness, Re-cor compilation (Spain).
2016 [Stadium Elevator] Framework Seasonal issue #8 (Estonia).
2009 [NITRAM] Guest track on The Red Tree's I Am Not a Bird (Australia).


2019 [Aquatic Centre] Part of Translating Ambience exhibition, Yarra Sculpture Gallery.
2018 [Ulleungdo] Part of the Super Field  exhibition, RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne.
2017 [A silent Condition] Part of the Walking Brunswick project organised Avantwhatever & Naturestrip, Mekbourne.
2016 [Sadang Playground & Masjid Negara] Part of the Global Local: Body–Place–Object. OGU MAG Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
2016 [Stadium] Part of the AVANTWHATEVER listening gallery, Ting Shuo Hear Say, Tainan City, Taiwan.
2016 [Clover] Part of the Sonic interventions exhibition, Kultur Drogerie gallery, Vienna, Austria.
2015 [Sadang] Part of RE: :SET: collective’s The Bishops Parlor, Abbotsford convent, Melbourne.
2014 [Traffic] Part of ‘Melbourne Now’ Exhibition, NGV, Melbourne.
2013 [Untitled] Part of Bogong Electric. Bogong Village, Victoria.
2012 [Your Surroundings] Curator & exhibitor, Northern Exposure Festival, Melbourne.
2012 [Glass Eaters Pt II] Part of SoundCrawl’s Sound Art Festival. Nahville, Tennessee, USA.
2011 [Yerevan] YOGIGA Expression Gallery, Seoul, South Korea.
2011 [Hidden Spaces] NAPAK Gallery - Armenian Center For Contemporary Experimental Art. Yerevan, Armenia.
2010 [Siemens RMIT Fine Art Scholarship Exhibition] RMIT Gallery, Melbourne.
2010 [Closing In] part of Semantic Clutter West Space Gallery, Melbourne
2010 [The Avoca Project] Directed by Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Avoca, Victoria.
2009 [Laverton Field Recording Orchestra] Artist in Residence, West Space Gallery, Melbourne.
2008 [Some Felling] First Site Gallery Melbourne. 2007 [Unfunction] RMIT function center, Melbourne.
2006 [International Soundscape Project]  RMIT University, Aarhitus  University, Denmark & Showa  University of Music, Japan.


2018 [Current festival] Aeso Sudio, Fitzroy, Melbourne.
2017 [Dotolimpics] Mullae Resonance Festival, Seoul, South Korea.
2016 [Descend / Ascend] Super Delux, Tokyo, Japan
2016 [Avantwhatever festival]RRR performance Space, Melbourne Australia.
2015 [LiveProof] Part of Soundproof radio documentary series, Radio National, ABC, Australia.
2015 [DotoLim] Songsu, Seoul South Korea.
2015 [Aventwhatever] The Alderman, Melbourne.
2013 [Der blöde dritte Mittwoch] Vienna, Austria.
2011 [Switch On] Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2011 [Bulgasari Yogiga] Gallery, Seoul, South Korea.
2011 [NAPAK Gallery] Yerevan, Armenia.
2010 [Aventwhatever] Horse Bazaar, Melbourne.
2009 [Liquid Architecture 10] Festival. Horse Bazaar, Melbourne.
2009 [Laverton Field Recording Orchestra] West Space Gallery, Melbourne.
2009 [Lego Feet #2]. 1000 £ Bend, Melbourne, Australia.
2008 [Displacement, Liquid Architecture 9] (satellite event). Old Melbourne Jail.
2008 [Within-Earshot] First Site Gallery, Melbourne.
2008 [Interplay] Horticultural Hall, Melbourne.
2008 [Outset] Toff In Town, Melbourne.
2007 [Bulgasari Yogiga] Gallery, Seoul, South Korea.
2006 [Spatial Music] State library of Victoria, Melbourne.


2016 [Lostgens] Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2015 [Mullae art space] Seoul, South Korea.
2013 [The Bogong Centre For Sound Culture] Bogong Village, Victoria.
2011 [ACSL] Yerevan, Armenia.
2010 [Laverton Field Recording Orchestra] West Space Gallery, Melbourne.  


2016  Australian Postgraduate Award Masters by Research Scholarship.
2015  Australia Council Professional development grant.
2012  Australia Council Professional development grant.
2011  Australia Council Artstart Grant.
2010  Siemens Fine Art Scholarship Awards (finalist).
2009  Green Room Award - best (theatre independent) sound-design/composition, Melbourne.


Film / Video / Documentary/ TV
2015 [Our Watch] Damian Walshe-Howling (Sound recording assistant, boom operator).
2015 [Nothing To Declare] DIR Robert Rabiah & Blake Borcich. (sound recordist, design, mix, dialogue edit).
2015 [The Inlaws] DIR Ben Erikson (Sound recording assistant, boom operator).
2014 [Bruno's] DIR Jerram Warlod . (sound design, mix, dialogue edit).
2013 [The Ride] DIR Timothy Melville. (Location Recording / sound design).
2013 ['100 man Fight' - The Judd Reid Story] Dir Anton Cavka. (sound mix & dialogue edit]).
2013 [The Spectacle] DIR Phoebe Hartley (sound design, mix).
2013 [Home] DIR Phoebe Hartley & Amanda Reedy (Sound design & Mix).
2013 [The Legend Of The Great Lion] DIR Phoebe Harley & Amanda Reedy (sound design, mix).
2012 [Resistance] Dir Blake Borcich. (sound recordist, Sound design, mix).
2012 [Acts of God] (in production) Dir Sarah-Jane Woulahan. (location sound recording).
2012 [Fish Fingers] (In production). Dir Valentino Costa. (location sound recording, sound design & mix).
2012 [Melbourne International comedy Festival] Dir Amanda Reedy. (location sound recording, sound design & mix).
2011 [Snapshot] 10:58, Dir Cesar Salmeron. (location recording, sound design, composition).
2011 [Gore Street] 7:00, Dir by Ben Hall (location recording, sound design, composition).
2011 [Switch] Dir Pheobe Hartley, (Foley Recordist, Sound Editor)
2010 [Captain Moonlight] Feature film (Sound Recordist), yet to be released.
2010 [Dead Man's Debt] Beta Max production, Dir by Cesar Salmeron. (location recording, sound design).
2010 [Resist And Allow] 6:35, By James Write. [Lee] 10:15, Dir by John Stewart. (sound design, composition).
2009 [T Is For Teacher] 61:47, Dir by Rohan Spong. (sound design, mix).
2009 [Queer Science] 19:10, by Rohan Spong. (sound design, mix).
2009 [Unearthed] 10:41, by David Short. (location recording, sound design, composition).
2008 [Silver] 5:10, by Layla Vardo. (composition).
2008 [2005] 13:46, by Eeedowrah Alhabshi. (sound design, composition).
2008 [Paper Dolls] 2:23, by Eeedowrah Alhabshi. (location recording, sound design, composition).
2007 [Othello] 3:47, by Rohan Spong. (sound design, composition).

Theatre / Dance                                                                                                                                                                                                     
2012 [The Unspoken Word is "Joe"] Directed by Declan Greene, La mama theatre, Maelbourne.
2012 [Sun in Theta] Choreographed by Michaela Pegum, Dancehouse, Melbourne.
2011 [A Doll's House] Directed by Daniel Schlusser, 45 Downstairs, Melbourne.
2011 [For A Better World] Directed by Daisy Noyes, Griffin Theatre, Sydney.
2010 [Pompeii, L.A] (development) Written by Declan Greene, directed By Daniel Schlusser,  STC, Rough Draft.season.
2009 [Peer Gynt] Directed by Daniel Schlusser, VCA, Melbourne.
2009 [Poet#7] Directed by Daniel Schlusser, Black Box, Melbourne.
2009 [Perse] Directed by Ivan Sikic, Collingwood Arts-Park, Melbourne.
2009 [Fire Face] Directed by Samara Hersch, VCA, Melbourne.
2008 [At The Centre of Light] Directed by Caroline Brook, La-Mama Theatre, Melbourne.
2008 [The Company Of Wolves] Directed by Sapidah Kian, VCA, Melbourne.
2008 [The Zombie State] (assistant sound-designer) Directed by Daniel Schlusser, MWT.
2008 [Kitten] (assistant composer) Directed by Jenny Kemp, Malthouse, Melbourne.
2007 [Captain Moonlight] Directed by Simon Mathews, Melbourne University.
2007 [13th Floor] Choreographed by Melenie Crowe, The National Theatre, Melbourne.