Conditioning SIlence

Conditioning Silence

is an ongoing performance based project which records and mediates periods of group silence or quietness in a range of different acoustically rich or culturally significant sites.

During these performances audiences are exposed to a period of pink noise, which is intended to 'cleanse'  prior acoustic conditionings of the day (sitting in a kitchen or on a train) and prime the ear for listening. After listening to the noise, the audience observes a period of relative silence in which they are asked to refrain from verbal communication. During this period I set about to record the resulting sounds (the internal and external ambient drone alongside the sounds of shuffling, breathing, coughing, gulping, ligaments and bones cracking, etc) through a range of acoustic perspectives such as from the inside of a resonant container, through a windowpane or floorboards and from more conventional perspectives of omni directional microphones. After this period, I then perform an amplified playback and diffusion of the various perspectives back into the space, presenting the audience with a heavily mediated, heightened and in some cases phantasmagoric perspective of the observed silence.